Open Space Stewardship Program
Grade Seven and Eight Pull-Out EXCEL Program
Unit Overview

In January of 2006, the Office of Educational Programs (OEP) at the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory launched the Open Space Stewardship Program as part of its GREEN Institute. GREEN stands for "Gaining Research Experience in the Environment." The program fosters partnerships between schools and land stewards in their local communities. Students in grades K through 12 perform environmental research on undeveloped land owned either by a public or private agency.

This program is designed to:
- help students to learn about the scientific process through working with real-life data in the field
- benefit land stewards in the management of their property
- promote science literacy
- encourage students to consider careers in science and technology
- foster a sense of civic responsibility and respect for open space property

Lesson 1: Introduction to Open Space
Lesson 2: Tick Safety
- Tick Disease Prevention Strategies & Methods
- Personal Protective Equipment for Tick Prevention
- Tick Borne Disease Information
Lesson 2: Technology Time
- BNL website, to access OSSP link
- BNL OSSP database, to input data
- Google Earth to integrate knowledge of GPS, latitude and longitudinal coordinates to mark a way point
Lesson 3: Tree Identification
Lesson 4: Analyzing Leaf Litter
Lesson 5: Vernier Probes using CBL (Computer Based Learning)
Lesson 6: Water Quality Protocols:
Lesson 7: Soil Analysis Protocol
Lesson 8: Soil Experiment and Water Infiltration
Lesson 9: Berlese Funnel
Lesson 10: Insect Collection
Lesson 11: Culminating Activity of Presenting Information

EXCEL-lent Restoration

Alewives Monitoring

Additional Resources for OSSP: