Invention Unit
Grade Six Pull-Out EXCEL Program
Unit Overview

Unit Objectives:
Throughout this unit, students will discover the history of inventions and inventors in addition to creating their own inventions through creative problem solving and divergent thinking skills. This unit encourages curiosity in that ideas are generated and expanded upon to promote the completion of a product.

Lesson 1: Introduction to Inventors
Lesson 2: Presenting Inventors
Lesson 3: Name That Invention
Lesson 4: You be the Inventor
Lesson 5: Unhang a Coat Hanger
Lesson 6: Bright Ideas
Lesson 7: Discovering Simple Machines
Lesson 8: Characteristics of Simple Machines
Lesson 9: Applications of Simple Machines
Lesson 10: Rube Goldberg Analysis
Lesson 11: Rube Goldberg Creation
Lesson 12: Invention Convention