The unit of study for EXCEL's Thrid Grade Enrichment Program is Light and Color.

Each week students are challenged to analyze how light and color affect their everyday lives.  Throughout this educational experience, students explore various components of light and color through scientific discovery, artistic expression, and literature.

Students have the opportunity to conduct experiments, create collaborative works of art and compose poems and other literary works.  This unit is interdisciplinary and incorporates Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Math and Art.  

Light and Color
Grade 3
Enrichment Unit Objectives

Lesson 1: Introduction; Let the Fun Begin!
Lesson 2: Sun Facts and Sun Words
Lesson 3: Where Does Light Come From?
Lesson 4: Reflection Scavenger Hunt
Lesson 5: Is it Symmetrical?
Lesson 6: Letting Light Through
Lesson 7: The Power of Prisms; Discovering the Spectrum
Lesson 8: Primary Colors Light Up My World!
Lesson 9: Class Color Quilt Creation
Lesson 10: Making a Sunset
Lesson 11: Graphing Roy G. Biv
Lesson 12: What Makes the Sky Blue?
Lesson 13: What Makes My Light Stick Glow?
Lesson 14: Culminating Activity: A Letter to Light and Color

Students will be able to:

Lesson 1:

Lesson 2:

Lesson 3:

Lesson 4:

Lesson 5:

Lesson 6:

Lesson 7:

Lesson 8:

Lesson 9:

Lesson 10:

Lesson 11:

Lesson 12:

Lesson 13:

Lesson 14: