Grade Five Pull-Out EXCEL Program
Unit Overview

This indisciplinary unit integrates geometry, platonic solids, archimedian solids and bridge building with all disciplines. All lessons are designed to stimulate higher order thinking skills, divergent thinking processes and creativity for gifted students.

Lesson 1: Basic Geometry
Lesson 2: Polygons
Lesson 3: Polyhedron
Lesson 4: Constructing Rectangular Prisms
Lesson 5: Introduction to Platonic Solids
Lesson 6: Tetrahedron
Lesson 7: Hexahedron
Lesson 8: Number Ladder Game
Lesson 9: Introduction to Soma Cubes
Lesson 10: Constructing a Soma Cube
Lesson 11: Octahedron
Lesson 12: Dynamic Duals
Lesson 13: Dodecahedron
Lesson 14: Icosahedron and Euler
Lesson 15: Loculus of Archimedes
Lesson 16: Building a Geodesic Dome
Lesson 17: Introduction to Bridges
Lesson 18: Three Classifications of Bridges
Lesson 19: History of Bridges
Lesson 20: Bridge Poem
Lesson 21: Creating a Truss
Lesson 22: Truss Experiment
Lesson 23: The Bridge Challenge
Lesson 24: Gumdrop Bridge
Lesson 25: Bridge Research
Lesson 26: Bridge Investigation
Lesson 27: Line Design Packet
Lesson 28: Bridge Building