Codes and Ciphers Unit
Grade Four Pull-Out EXCEL Program
Unit Overview

Objectives overview:
Each lesson in this unit will teach students a new code or cipher and its history.  Students will experiment using the code or cipher by creating their own secret messages in various formats.

Lesson 1: History of Cryptology: Codes and Ciphers
Lesson 2: Transposition Ciphers
(Space Ciphers, Backwards Ciphers, Backwards Space Ciphers)
Lesson 3:  Substitution Ciphers (Pigpen Ciphers)
Lesson 4: Diagram Cipher (Tic Tac Toe Cipher)
Lesson 5: Picket Fence Cipher
Lesson 6: Number Ciphers
Lesson 7: Stolen Secret Code
Lesson 8: Caesar’s Code/ Alphabet Shift Cipher
Lesson 9: The Code Wheel/ Cryptograph Wheel/ Cipher Wheel
Lesson 10: Underground Railroad Quilt Code
Lesson 11: Maze Cipher
Lesson 12: Semaphore
Lesson 13: Braille
Lesson 14: Morse Code
Lesson 15: Detective’s Notebook
Lesson 16: Ogham Cipher
Lesson 17: Hieroglyphs
Lesson 18: Grid Number Cipher/Letter Word Cipher (Shopping List)
Lesson 19: Enigma Cipher
Lesson 20: Scytale
Lesson 21: Zip Code Bars
Lesson 22: Rambungi Island Adventure

Culminating Experience:
Students will create a pop-up book, comprised of at least nine codes or ciphers learned throughout the unit.  Each page should be dedicated to a specific code or cipher, so that the teacher may individually evaluate each learned concept.